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Will the New Antiplatelet Agents in the Pipeline Replace Clopidogrel?
Is There a Role for Long Term Use of Clopidogrel for Primary and Secondary Prevention After CHARISMA?
Lessons from the ISAR REACT Studies: How Should We Anticoagulate Our Patients for PCI
New Insights from ACUITY: When and How Should Bivalirudin be Used in ACS and NSTEMI?
Evolving Utility of Aspirin and Thienopyridines: New Insights Into Anti-Platelet Resistance



A Polypill Approach Improves Compliance

Adherence to optimal medical therapy remains poor following a MI. The FOCUS study has identified younger age, depression, complex medication regimen, poor insurance coverage and low social support as the major factors contributing to poor compliance. FOCUS also demonstrated that compliance can be significantly improved using a polypill strategy.

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Mortality Following Primary PCI

The association between time and cause of death in patients undergoing primary PCI for STEMI is poorly understood. A study of 13,447 patient-years identified cardiogenic shock and hypoxic brain injury as the main causes of death within the first 30 days. The vast majority of deaths beyond 30 days were noncardiac.

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Immature Platelets May Predict Adverse Events

Immature platelets (IPC) are less responsive to antiplatelet therapy and are easily measured as part of the complete blood count. A prospective cohort study of 89 patients with CAD has indicated that an IPC level ≥7,632 platelets/µl may predict MACE.

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Are Beta Blockers Going Out of Fashion

Beta-blockers are commonly used in patients with heart failure as well as those with AF. A meta-analysis of 10 randomized studies comparing beta-blockers versus placebo in heart failure with sinus rhythm or AF has indicated that all cause mortality was reduced in those with sinus rhythm but not AF.

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Untitled Document
Minimizing Femoral Artery Access Complications during PCI
- Michael S. Lee, MD
PROTECT Trial: 5 Year Outcomes
- Edoardo Camenzind, MD
Reduction in office blood pressure after renal denervation in a large real world patient population with uncontrolled hypertension: interim 12-month results from the Global SYMPLICITY Registry
- Felix Mahfoud, MD
SYMPLICITY HTN-3 Trial: 12-month outcomes following un-blinding of subjects at 6 months
- George L. Bakris, MD

Live Case Demonstration from Kusatsu Heart Center
Osamu Hatoh, MD
Treating CTO via Radial?
Richard R. Heuser, MD
Patient Selection for CTO Recanalization: What Are the Appropriate Criteria?
Tarek Helmy, MD
Treating CTOs: Is There Enough Evidence-Based Data or do We Need Further Randomized Clinical Trials?
Gerald S. Werner, MD, PhD
Indication for CTO PCI: Clinical Rationale and Appropriateness
J. Aaron Grantham, MD

Jeremiah Brown, MDBicuspid Aortic Valve and TAVI
- Eberhard Grube, MD

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Antiplatelet and Anticoagulation Agents in Acute Coronary Syndromes: What Is the Current Status and What Does the Future Hold?
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How Can We Optimize the Processes of Care for Acute Coronary Syndromes to Improve Outcomes?
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Poll Archives
Primary Outcomes of the EVOLVE II Trial
Dean J. Kereiakes, MD
Dion Stub, MD
C.Kaiser, MD, et al.
Final Results of the Regional Systems of Care Demonstration Project: Mission: Lifeline STEMI Accelerator Study
Matthew W. Sherwood, MD, et al.
Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond One Year After Drug-eluting Coronary Stent Procedures
Laura Mauri, MD, et al.
Randomized Trial of Atenolol Versus Losartan in Children and Young Adults with Marfan Syndrome
Ronald V. Lacro, MD, et al.
Martine Gilard, MD, PhD, et al.
Anna Axelsson, MD, et al.
Impact of a Multidisciplinary Management Program on Recurrent Hospitalization and Mortality in Older Individuals With Chronic Atrial Fibrillation: A Multi-Center Randomized Trial
Simon Stewart, MD, et al.
Low-dose aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular events in elderly Japanese patients with atherosclerotic risk factors: a randomized clinical trial
Yasuo Ikeda, MD, et al.
John J.V. McMurray, MD, et al.
FACTOR-64 Randomized Clinical Trial
Joseph B. Muhlestein, MD, et al.
IMProved Reduction of Outcomes: Vytorin Efficacy International Trial
Eugene Braunwald, MD, et al.
Increased Risk of Ischemic Events Upon Discontinuation of Prasugrel After 12 or 30 Months of Therapy Following Placement of the TAXUS Liberte Paclitaxel- Eluting Coronary Stent
Kirk N. Garratt, MD, et al.
Six versus Twelve Months of Clopidogrel Therapy After Drug-Eluting Stenting - the Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled ISAR-SAFE Trial
Stefanie Schulz-Schupke, MD, et al.

Complex Patients Today and Tomorrow: Medtronic DES solutions from Resolute Integrity to bioresorbable stents
Prof. Sigmund Silber, MD
First Report on the Pivotal DESolve Nx trial: 6-month Clinical and Multimodality Imaging Results
Alexandre Abizaid, MD, PhD
One-Year Outcomes in 1010 Unselected Patients Treated with the PROMUS Element Everolimus-Eluting Stent: The Multicenter PROMUS Element European Post-Approval Surveillance Study
Raul Moreno, MD, et al.
Two-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE FHU trial
Ian Meredith, MD, PhD
Stephan Windecker, MD, et al.

Outcomes in More Than 7000 Patients With Diabetes After Implantation of the Resolute Zotarolimus-eluting Stent
Rosli Mohd Ali, MD
Safety update and long-term clinical outcomes from all studies in the RESOLUTE Global Clinical Program
Carlo Di Mario, MD
Final Five-year Outcomes from the Randomized Comparison of Zotarolimus-eluting Stents With Everolimus-eluting Stents in the RESOLUTE All Comers Trial
Stephan Windecker, MD
Angina Status & TLF Creep: Bioabsorbable Stents (BAS) & Drug-Eluting Stents (DES)
Medtronic, Inc.
Clinical outcomes associated with dual antiplatelet therapy interruption following implantation of the ResoluteTM zotarolimus-eluting stent
Stephan Windecker, MD
Four-year Outcomes from the Randomized Comparison of a Zotarolimus-eluting and an Everolimus-eluting Stent in the RESOLUTE All Comers Trial
Patrick W Serruys MD, PhD
Resolute in Bifurcation Lesions: Data from the RESOLUTE Clinical Program
Prof. Ran Kornowski, MD

New Data From EVOLVE Clinical Program Demonstrate SYNERGY™ Bioabsorbable Polymer Stent Meets Key Performance Endpoints

Toshiba Enhances Radiation Dose Tracking System on Infinix

Medtronic Bifurcated Endurant IIs AAA Stent Graft Launched in Europe and United States

SVS and SIR to Initiate Large-Scale PRESERVE Study of IVC Filters in 2015

Zoll to Acquire Philips’ InnerCool Business

Enrollment Underway in BEST-CLI Randomized Trial

Aptus Heli-FX EndoAnchor System to Be Distributed by Maquet in United Kingdom

Endologix Completes Enrollment in the Nellix EVAS FORWARD-IDE Clinical Trial

CSI’s COAST Study Begins Enrollment in Japan

Abbott Enters Electrophysiology Market With Acquisition of Topera

Hansen Medical Launches the Sensei X2 Robotic System

Medtronic Launches Resolute Onyx DES After CE Mark Approval

Venous Indication Approved for Cardinal Health’s MynxGrip Vascular Closure Device

Occlutech Paravalvular Leak Closure Device Approved in Europe

IDE Approved for Trial of Neovasc’s Tiara Transcatheter Mitral Valve

FDA Approves Bracco Diagnostics’ Lumason Ultrasound Contrast Agent

Merit Medical Unveils ThinkRadial Website and Educational Initiative

InspireMD Resumes MGuard Prime Sales and Prioritizes DES and Carotid - New Product Programs

C.R. Bard announces FDA approval of Lutonix 035 drug coated balloon catheter

Covidien Begins Two Neurovascular Clinical Trials

Endologix Completes Enrollment in EVAS FORWARD—GLOBAL Registry of Nellix System

LEOPARD to Compare Endologix AFX System to Other Commercially Available EVAR Devices

CFI Medical’s Zero-Gravity Suspended Radiation Protection System Approved in Europe
Angiomyogenesis & Cell Therapy
Carotid Interventions

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