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Incidence of Coronary Stent Thrombosis Based on Academic Research Consortium Definitions
New Antiplatelet Agents
Drug-Eluting Stents in AMI: A Proven Strategy?
How Often Should Thrombectomy Devices Be Used During Primary Angioplasty?
Lessons from the ISAR REACT Studies: How Should We Anticoagulate Our Patients for PCI



The Spectrum of Benefit for FFR-Guided PCI

FFR assessment has emerged as a critical adjunctive tool in the invasive assessment of coronary stenosis. A meta-analysis has indicated that FFR demonstrates a continuous relationship with clinical outcomes with lesions with the lowest FFR receiving a greater benefit from revascularization.

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Operator Volume & PCI Outcomes in the United States

The relationship between operator volume and clinical outcomes in patients undergoing PCI remains uncertain. A cross-sectional study has indicated that although in-hospital mortality following PCI was low, both mortality and peri-procedural complication performed by operators in the 4th (>100), 3rd (45-100), and 2nd (16-44) quartiles were lower than those in the 1st (≤15) quartile.

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Prevalence of CAD in Cirrhotic Patients

The prevalence of CAD in patients with cirrhosis is unknown. A retrospective study of patients with cirrhosis and no history of chest pain or CAD undergoing assessment for liver transplantation has indicated that such patients have similar prevalence of CAD as non-hepatic subjects.

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Gathering Momentum for Carotid Stenting

The long-term efficacy of carotid artery stenting (CAS) as an alternative to endarterectomy for the treatment of carotid artery stenosis is unclear. Five-year follow-up analysis of the ICSS randomized trial has shown similar functional outcome and risk of fatal or disabling stroke for both CAS and endarterectomy.

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Minimizing Femoral Artery Access Complications during PCI
- Michael S. Lee, MD
PROTECT Trial: 5 Year Outcomes
- Edoardo Camenzind, MD
Reduction in office blood pressure after renal denervation in a large real world patient population with uncontrolled hypertension: interim 12-month results from the Global SYMPLICITY Registry
- Felix Mahfoud, MD
SYMPLICITY HTN-3 Trial: 12-month outcomes following un-blinding of subjects at 6 months
- George L. Bakris, MD

Live Case Demonstration from Kusatsu Heart Center
Osamu Hatoh, MD
Treating CTO via Radial?
Richard R. Heuser, MD
Patient Selection for CTO Recanalization: What Are the Appropriate Criteria?
Tarek Helmy, MD
Treating CTOs: Is There Enough Evidence-Based Data or do We Need Further Randomized Clinical Trials?
Gerald S. Werner, MD, PhD
Indication for CTO PCI: Clinical Rationale and Appropriateness
J. Aaron Grantham, MD

Jeremiah Brown, MDBicuspid Aortic Valve and TAVI
- Eberhard Grube, MD

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Second Generation Drug-Eluting Stents Implantation Followed by Six Versus Twelve-Month - Dual Antiplatelet Therapy - The SECURITY Randomized Clinical Trial.
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Prognostic Value of Fractional Flow Reserve. Linking Physiologic Severity to Clinical Outcomes.
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Effect of Serelaxin on Mode of Death in Acute Heart Failure: Results From the RELAX-AHF Study.
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Myocardial Atrophy and Chronic Mechanical Unloading of the Failing Human Heart: Implications for Cardiac Assist Device–Induced Myocardial Recovery.
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Prevalence and Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients With Liver Cirrhosis: A Registry-Based Matched Case–Control Study.
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Diabetes Mellitus, Prediabetes, and Incidence of Subclinical Myocardial Damage.
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The FDA, E-Cigarettes, and the Demise of Combusted Tobacco.
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The Safety of Addition of Nitrous Oxide to General Anaesthesia in At-Risk Patients Having Major Non-Cardiac Surgery (ENIGMA-II): A Randomised, Single-Blind Trial.
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Comparison of Outcomes of Ambulance Users and Nonusers in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction.
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Dissection and Re-Entry Techniques and Longer-Term Outcomes Following Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Chronic Total Occlusion.
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Poll Archives
Shao-Liang Chen, MD, et al.
| Watch CardioTube Interview
Samir R. Kapadia, MD
| Watch CardioTube Interview
RIBS IV Clinical Trial
Fernando Alfonso MD, PhD
| Watch CardioTube Interview
Gregg W. Stone, MD
| Watch CardioTube Interview
Eric J. Dippel, MD
| Watch CardioTube Interview
Renal artery denervation with a new simultaneous multi-electrode catheter for treatment of resistant hypertension: 12-month update from the first-in-man study
Robert Whitbourn, MD, et al.
SYMPLICITY HTN-3: A Prospective, Randomized, Sham-Controlled Trial of Renal Sympathetic Denervation in Patients with Refractory Hypertension: Post Hoc Analyses of 12-Month Results
Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, et al.
SYMPLICITY HTN-3: Analysis of the African-American and Non-African American Populations
John M. Flack, MD, et al.
Preclinical Insights Into the Optimal Ablation Location for Renal Denervation Procedures
Robert J. Melder, ScD
Two-Year Clinical Results of OPTIMIZE Trial
Fausto Feres, MD, PhD
Cost-Effectiveness of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement with a Self-Expanding Prosthesis Compared with Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in High Risk Patients
Matthew R. Reynolds, MD
Multi-Vessel Versus Single-Vessel Treatment with Resolute Zotarolimus Eluting Stent in the RESOLUTE Global Clinical Program
Ganesh Manoharan, MD
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Small Vessels in the RESOLUTE Global Clinical Program: The Impact of Diabetes Mellitus
Milan Chag, MD
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Very Small Vessels in the RESOLUTE Global Clinical Program
Antonio Serra, MD
Patrick W. Serruys, MD
Randomized CTO-IVUS study
Yangsoo Jang, MD, PhD
ISAR-CLOSURE Randomized Trial
Stefanie Schupke , MD, et al.
P. Cervinka, MD, et al.
Axel Linke, MD , et al.
Two-Year Results From the CoreValve US Pivotal Trial
Steven J. Yakubov, MD
Katrin A. Fiedler, MD, et al.
SECURITY Randomized Clinical Trial
Antonio Colombo, MD
Yaling Han, MD
TRANSLATE-ACS Investigators
The IN.PACT Global Clinical Study
Gary M. Ansel, MD
1-year Results from the IN.PACT SFA II Trial
Adam C . Salisbury, MD, et al.
Serban Puricel, MD, et al.
I-LOVE-IT 2 Trial
Bo Xu, MD

Complex Patients Today and Tomorrow: Medtronic DES solutions from Resolute Integrity to bioresorbable stents
Prof. Sigmund Silber, MD
First Report on the Pivotal DESolve Nx trial: 6-month Clinical and Multimodality Imaging Results
Alexandre Abizaid, MD, PhD
One-Year Outcomes in 1010 Unselected Patients Treated with the PROMUS Element Everolimus-Eluting Stent: The Multicenter PROMUS Element European Post-Approval Surveillance Study
Raul Moreno, MD, et al.
Two-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE FHU trial
Ian Meredith, MD, PhD
Stephan Windecker, MD, et al.

Outcomes in More Than 7000 Patients With Diabetes After Implantation of the Resolute Zotarolimus-eluting Stent
Rosli Mohd Ali, MD
Safety update and long-term clinical outcomes from all studies in the RESOLUTE Global Clinical Program
Carlo Di Mario, MD
Final Five-year Outcomes from the Randomized Comparison of Zotarolimus-eluting Stents With Everolimus-eluting Stents in the RESOLUTE All Comers Trial
Stephan Windecker, MD
Angina Status & TLF Creep: Bioabsorbable Stents (BAS) & Drug-Eluting Stents (DES)
Medtronic, Inc.
Clinical outcomes associated with dual antiplatelet therapy interruption following implantation of the ResoluteTM zotarolimus-eluting stent
Stephan Windecker, MD
Four-year Outcomes from the Randomized Comparison of a Zotarolimus-eluting and an Everolimus-eluting Stent in the RESOLUTE All Comers Trial
Patrick W Serruys MD, PhD
Resolute in Bifurcation Lesions: Data from the RESOLUTE Clinical Program
Prof. Ran Kornowski, MD

Angiomyogenesis & Cell Therapy
Carotid Interventions

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